MIMS-P 2015

  • Gonzales, L., Davidoff, K., DeLuca, J. S., & Yanos, P. T. (2015). The Mental Illness Microaggressions Scale – Perpetrator Version (MIMS-P): Reliability and Validity.  Psychiatry Research, 229, 120-125.

Coping with Symptoms Checklist-Revised

  • Yanos, P. T., Knight, E., L., & Bremer, L. (2003). A new measure of coping with symptoms for use with persons diagnosed with severe mental illness. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 27, 168-176.

Clinician Associated Stigma Scale (CASS)

  • Yanos, P. T., **Vayshenker, B., **DeLuca, J. S., & **O’ Connor, L. K. (2017). Development and validation of a scale of mental health clinicians’ experiences of associative stigma. Psychiatric Services, 68, 1053-1060.


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