Associative Stigma (among clinicians)

Completed Projects:

Beth Vayshenker (PI): Associative stigma among mental health providers: An exploratory study

Yanos, P. T., **DeLuca, J. S., Salyers, M. P., Fischer, M., ***Song., J., & *Caro, J. (In Press). Cross-sectional and prospective correlates of associative stigma among mental health service providers. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.

Associated Publications:

**Vayshenker, B., **Deluca, J. S., ****Bustle, T., & Yanos, P. T. (2018). “As soon as people hear that word…”: Associative stigma among clinicians working with people with serious mental illness. Journal of Public Mental Health, 17, 20-28.

Yanos, P. T., **Vayshenker, B., **DeLuca, J. S., & **O’ Connor, L. K. (2017). Development and validation of a scale of mental health clinicians’ experiences of associative stigma. Psychiatric Services, 68, 1053-1060.



* MA Student co-author

**Ph.D. Student co-author

***Postdoctoral Fellow co-author

****Undergraduate co-author


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