Completed Projects:

Weili Lu (PI): National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, H133G140147 “Treating Hidden Barriers to Employment: Integrated Treatment for PTSD in Supported Employment”

Kim Mueser (PI): National Institute of Mental Health, 2R01MH064662-04A1 “Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of PTSD in SMI Clients”


Associated Publications:

Bonfils, K., Lysaker, P. H., Yanos, P. T., Siegel, A., Leonhardt, B., James, A., Brustuen, B., Luedtke, B., & Davis, L. (2018). Self-stigma in PTSD: Prevalence and correlates. Psychiatry Research, 265, 7-12.

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Mueser, K. T, Gottlieb, J. D., Xie, H., Lu, W., Yanos P. T., Rosenberg, S. D., Silverstein, S. M., Marcello Duva, S., Minsky, S., Wolfe, R. S., & McHugo, G. (In Press).What Does Cognitive Restructuring Add to Education and Breathing Retraining for PTSD in Severe Mental Illness? British Journal of Psychiatry.



* MA Student co-author

**Ph.D. Student co-author

***Postdoctoral Fellow co-author

****Undergraduate co-author

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