SMI Housing, Neighborhood, and Community

Completed Projects:

  • NIMH Center for the Study of Recovery in Social Contexts. “Is There a Gap Between Functioning and Capability in Community Integration among Consumers Living in Independent Housing?”
  • National Institute of Mental Health Center for Research on the Organization and Financing of Care for the Severely Mentally Ill:“The Impact of Housing Type and Neighborhood Factors on the Community Integration of Formerly Homeless Persons with Severe Mental Illness”
  • National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, H133G130086 “Examining Determinants of Community Participation among Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities”


Associated Publications:

Yanos, P. T., Barrow, S., & Tsemberis, S. (2004). Community integration in the early phase of housing among homeless persons diagnosed with severe mental illness: Successes and challenges. Community Mental Health Journal, 40, 133-150.

Yanos, P. T. (2007). Beyond “Landscapes of Despair:” The need for new research on the urban environment, sprawl, and the community integration of persons with severe mental illness. Health & Place, 13, 672-676.

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Weiner, A., Mashiach-Eizenberg, M., Baloush-Kleinman, V., Maoz, H., Roe, D., & Yanos, P. T. (2010). Housing model for persons with serious mental illness moderates the relation between loneliness and quality of life. Community Mental Health Journal, 46, 389-397.

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Yanos, P. T., Stefancic, A., Alexander, M. J., **Gonzales, L., & Harney, B. (2018). Association between housing, personal capacity factors and community participation among persons with psychiatric disabilities. Psychiatry Research, 260, 300-306.



* MA Student co-author

**Ph.D. Student co-author

***Postdoctoral Fellow co-author

****Undergraduate co-author

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