Peer Support and Recovery

The Impact of Peer Support on Mental Health Recovery Among People with Severe Mental Illness

Current Projects:

Philip Yanos (PI): Examining the Impact of Participation in Peer-Run Services on Mental Health Recovery

Associated Publications:

**Vayshenker, B., ****Mulay, A.L., **Gonzales, L., West, M.L., Brown, I., & Yanos, P.T. (in press). Participation in peer support services and outcomes related to recovery. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. 

**Chan, G., **Vayshenker, B., **Gonzales, L., ****Mulay, A. L., Brown, I., & Yanos, P. T. (2014). Characteristics and Service Use of Participants in a Large Consumer-Operated Service Agency. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 37, 58-61.

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