Youth Stigma

Associated Publications:

DeLuca, J. S., & Yanos, P. T. (2023). Targeting Internalized Stigma in First-Episode Psychosis Services: Treatment Strategies from an Intersectional Perspective. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 49, 97-106.

**DeLuca, J. S., *Tang, J., *Zoubaa, S., ***Dial, B., & Yanos, P. T. (2021). Reducing stigma in high school students: A cluster randomized controlled trial of the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Ending the Silence intervention. Stigma and Health, 6, 228-242.

DeLuca, J. S. (In Press).  Conceptualizing Adolescent Mental Illness Stigma: Youth Stigma Development and Stigma Reduction Programs. Adolescent Research Review.



* MA Student co-author

**Ph.D. Student co-author

***Postdoctoral Fellow co-author

****Undergraduate co-author

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