Predictors of Community Stigma

Predictors of Community Stigma

Completed Projects:

Philip Yanos (PI): Survey of Attitudes Toward Mental Illness In New York State

Joseph DeLuca (PI): Survey of Predictors of Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Mental Illness in New York State

Current Projects:

Joseph DeLuca (PI): Survey of Social Attitudes in the United States

Associated Publications:

**Gonzales, L., **Chan, G., & Yanos, P. T. (In Press). Individual and Neighborhood Predictors of Stigmatizing Attitudes toward Mental Illness in New York State. Stigma and Health.

**DeLuca, J. S., & Yanos, P. T. (2016). Managing the terror of a dangerous world: Political attitudes as predictors of mental health stigma. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 62, 21-30. doi:10.1177/0020764015589131.

DeLuca, J. S., Clement, T., & Yanos, P. T. (In Press). Does individual stigma predict mental health funding? Toward an understanding of resource allocation and social climate. The Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences

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